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“HEALTH from Cradle to Grave“

Only a dream? Not quite, we are working on it!
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To become healthier, to stay healthy as long as possible and to recover effectively several changes are inevitable ranging from principally new thinking models and scientific approaches to re-integration of specialists for in time diagnosis. We are catalysing the inevitable transformation from three perspectives.


building a platform to understand, how to apply complex systems science to life science research and health systems design

Complex systems science is not really new, but in seems to have fallen into oblivion in times of simplicity. But human, ecosystems and societies are by nature complex adaptive systems of highly interwoven individuals, species, nodes with strong or thin relations in constant dynamic change. Cause and effect becomes obvious only by accident. Autopoiesis comes into focus.

We are organizing workshops, dialogues, events to challenge current thinking models and assumptions to improve the framework, to understand which questions to ask to accelerate emergence to…?


I AM UNIQUE! But when does it matter?

Each of us is unique. Nevertheless we still address groups based on snapshot data to improve health. Despite using statistics heavily, evidence is rare. There might be none due to systemic individuality. Why not change the thinking model and approach as we do?

We initiate, organize and manage projects based on the assumptions that we are individual with increasing gaps over life time due to the variable personal environment. Definitive norm values are out, systemic frames, individual relations and patterns gain importance. Now we can guide each person to optimize health and recovery.


IN TIME DIAGNOSIS - my body is talking to me, but what does it tell?

We have accelerated specialization in the last decades. This is in some respect beneficial. But from an in time diagnostics view it is rather a disaster. Today we are missing the consciousness for this barrier to better health. We even might create iatrogenic diseases. We certainly waste money, time and the quality of life for the concerned individual.

But we have everything to change it. Therefore we are working to bring the respective partners together to make it happen. Blockchain, VR, AI, simulations, videos,.. offer multiple ways to effectively connect specialists insights gained into a holistic model for the individual patient in a way that fits the daily routine.

  • if you want to challenge your thinking models to apply more appropriate ones
  • if you are interested in a dialogue, event to be organized for you
  • if you are looking for a speaker
  • if you like to be part of our “BEYOND CAUSE & EFFECT” platform
  • if you want to be part of a Global Health CoCreator (GHCC)
  • if you are interested to make IN TIME DIAGNOSIS happen

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